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Collection of debt

To write-off or to collect ?


You delivered goods or services and your bill remains unpaid?

You could write-off the amount and start looking for another business opportunity to compensate for the damage or you tackle the problem on a professional basis, with us!

With BURG Inkasso AG on your side, receivables won’t be a problem for any longer. Learn more about our offering and our solutions regarding the debt collection in Switzerland and abroad.

Do It Yourself or Outsource ?

Just think about how much time you have to invest in the management of your receivables. Time, you or your employees won’t have to take care of your core business. With BURG Inkasso AG, you can be sure that your open positions are managed by a specialist with trained and motivated employees working with an infrastructure which guarantees that no deadline is missed, cash flows are monitored and the necessary steps are taken without any delay.

Outsource your debt collection to the specialists of BURG Inkasso AG


Isn’t such a service very expensive ?


Of course there is no free lunch in debt collection either, but our conditions are fair and transparent. We offer fee structures based on the success-rate. There is no subscription fee or annual premium; we don’t pledge you to anything.

In cases we successfully collect an outstanding debt for you, a fee based on the nominal amount is due. If we haven’t been successful, we only charge you our expenses paid for registered mail and fees paid to bankruptcy agencies – costs you would also have to bear if you would tackle the collection of outstanding payments in-house.

Our conditions are fair and transparent. Ask for a quote!