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Welcome at BURG Inkasso AG

Tradition and Innovation....

…are not only phrases but represent the core of what we do and who we are.

Tradition, because some of the companies, BURG Inkasso AG stems from have been founded sixty years ago and look back on a rich history and wide experience of debt collection in an ever changing environment in Switzerland and abroad.

Innovation, because we use state of the art technology and update the IT environment frequently. Our employees are not only well equipped, but also well educated. Through various corporations, we ensure the most accurate, timely collection of your receivables.


How can we support you?


We take care of the collection of your receivables.

But there is more than just that. In our opinion, effective and efficient debt management starts before an outstanding receivable even exists. The tools at hand to manage receivables and the possibility to identify a potential bad debt even before it occurs play an important role in any business.


We are here to support you.


Why should you outsource debt collection?


These days, with many public administrations and courts offering online services and downloads for documents, it seems no problem to take the collection of bad debt into your own hands. But what happens if the debtor files an objection or even rejects your claim as not justified?

In such a case, wouldn’t it be much more convenient to have a collection specialist on your side to interact with the various parties, including bankruptcy agencies, lawyers and courts? BURG Inkasso AG takes such tasks off your agenda so you can take care of the growth of your core business.